Full Moon Pussycat Rescue

By the light of the full moon, we wish for every pet to have a home.

To keep saving these vulnerable cats and kittens, we need lots of supplies and monetary donations for vet bills. All donations are tax deductible. Here's what your donation means:

$10 - feeds and provides litter for 1 cat/kitten for a week.

$20 - pays for testing to ensure cat has no chronic illnesses

$30 - pays for rabies and distemper vaccines, and dewormer for 1 cat

$50 - pays for the spay/neuter of 1 cat

$100 - pays for full vetting of 1 cat

If you shop on Amazon, please consider picking up something from our wish list. We are also partners with the Bissell Pet Foundation. When you purchase from Bissell, please consider choosing Full Moon Pussycat Rescue as the recipient of a donation just for making your purchase.

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Kitty Wish List
Link: http://a.co/4fK76Cj

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